Crushing Goals with the MostFit Core Hammer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s teaching other women and moms how to maintain a realistic fitness plan in the REAL, chaotic, busy world we live in. For me, that meant learning how to workout at home. With 3 kiddos, all with varying special needs, joining a gym was never feasible for me.

In the past two years–working out only from home–I’ve managed to complete ultra-marathons, grueling hikes and weekend climbing trips with ease. I’ve also managed to help others become healthier right from the comfort of their own homes, too!

So when I get the opportunity to review an awesome product that you can use without a gym, you know I’m going to jump on it.

I got to crush some workouts with the Core Hammer from MostFit. Instead of ramming an old-fashioned sledgehammer into a tire, you can now safely get the same benefits at home.

So…why would you want to throw a sledgehammer around in the first place? Turns out that it has lots of fun benefits…and with the Core Hammer, you can really get creative and incorporate some new moves into your workout routine. Talk about a fun way to spice things up a bit!


-provides a great core workout

-awesome way to enhance forearm and grip strength (hello my rock climbing peeps!)

-fun way to workout and offers a sense of stress relief

-improves hand-eye coordination

-great way to build strength and get your heart pumping

I’m having a great time with it! Here’s my very first workout with the Core Hammer–stay tuned for more fun ideas on the blog:

Want to try the Core Hammer yourself? Visit the MostFit online store and use code MFSW10  at checkout for 10% off.


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