Diet: a confusing four letter word

Diet. This confusing 4-letter word causes big headaches for most people looking for a way to lose weight for good. Everyone wants to know the secret.  So here it is…

There is NO secret.

Different types of nutrition plans work for different types of bodies. There technically isn’t one diet that is either right or wrong. In fact, humans can adapt to a wide range of nutrition patterns and still maintain a healthy weight and fit body. For instance, compare the traditional Japanese diet to the Inuit diet or Mediterranean diet.

So what WILL work if you are ready to make lasting changes? The science seems to be pretty clear:

  1. Master your macro-nutrients and you will master your health. Learning to consume the correct amounts of fat, protein and carbohydrates will set you up for perfect portion control and life-long health.
  2. Lift heavy things over and over again (i.e. strength training.) Most people, especially women, worry that lifting heavy will cause them to become bulky and masculine. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s really hard to become bulky. Instead, you will build sleek, lean muscle mass that will make your body look strong. It will also raise your resting metabolic rate so that you will burn more calories at rest.
  3. Move more every day. People who tend to succeed at  losing weight and keeping it off find ways to incorporate movement into their every day lives. And they also find ways to enjoy working out. They see it not as a chore, but as a celebration of what their body is capable of!

If you are ready to make a change, contact me below for our January 1 online boot camp. We will learn to cycle our carbs, manage our fats and protein, lift heavy things and burn lots of fat!  $75 for 4 weeks:


One thought on “Diet: a confusing four letter word

  1. Chris says:

    I also wrote about “diets,” and you’re right about the confusion. I think commercialization has played a part in it. For-profit weight loss programs just don’t teach people how to care for their bodies. They’re just temporary fixes for larger problems.

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