Females, the Fitness Industry and Social Media {fitness is not a look}

stump-jumpReal talk.

I’ve stepped back from my social media platform over the last couple of months in order to do some soul searching.

This photo was taken a couple of weekends ago after I completed my first ultramarathon. 33 miles of tough, mountain terrain. Nearly 6,000 ft of elevation gain and 10 hours on the trail. I was all smiles at the end, greeted by my family and in total shock at my accomplishment.

Being an online female fitness professional can be tough. The message that you have to pose in bikinis, have 6-pack abs and over-sexualize yourself to gain new clients is clear and consistent.

That’s just not me. For some–it works and that’s cool if it’s your thing. But let me tell you something – health, fitness and nutrition are my life. I work hard to take care of my body, to conquer new goals and to help others along the way. And guess what? I’m tough, I’m strong and I’m fit…. but I am no bikini model. But I can crush some mountains and cruise through triathlons. I can do it all while being a mom to 3 with special needs and being a coach for others. But I won’t try to convince you with my body.

I know that FITNESS is NOT a LOOK. 6-pack abs are great, but they don’t mean you are fit, healthy or a great coach.

I want to make sure my message is clear–I want to be a helper, a teacher and a guide for others to live their best life possible. You won’t find me clad in a bikini or posing seductively to gain your trust as a fitness professional. What you will find is me, after 10 hours, smiling from ear to ear as I crush a new goal.

I’d love to be your coach and help you crush new goals.No tricks, gimmicks or supplements. Just a former biochemist and professor turned health & nutrition coach that wants to help others succeed.


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