7 Benefits of Exercising in Nature

It’s well-known that spending time in nature can improve you overall sense of well being, but check out these research-based benefits of exercising outdoors. Some of these might surprise you!


1. It will boost your mood

Researchers have found that time spent in nature, specifically being active outdoors, increased feelings of energy and decreased feelings of tension, anger and depression as compared to exercise performed indoors.

2. It could boost your immune system

A small study showed promising results regarding plant chemicals emitted from trees that can actually boost the human immune system.

3. Natural scenery can reduce stress

Studies have shown that time spent in a natural landscape can promote a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol, reduce pulse rate and even reduce blood pressure.

4. You’ll be more likely to stick to an outdoor exercise routine

Researches have found that participants of outdoor exercise are find greater enjoyment and satisfaction with their workout and are therefore more likely to repeat the activity.

5. Vitamin D

Numerous studies have demonstrated the devastating effects of Vitamin D deficiency. It’s estimated that nearly 75% of the US population does not receive the recommended daily amount. This is important because scientists also believe it may play a role in heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

6. It may improve your self-esteem

While this might not be backed with scientific studies, it would appear that working out in a gym gives numerous opportunities to focus on the fitness of others and our own shortcomings. Exercising in nature can give us a different scenery free of the normal gym distractions. The natural sensory stimulation may even improve your focus!

7. It’s cheaper than a gym

This one is also a great benefit to keep in mind! It doesn’t cost a thing to put on a pair of shoes and head outside for a walk.







Tell me in the comments why you enjoy exercising outdoors!


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