Green Tea: a Super Drink for Your Health

You’ve heard of so-called super foods and why eating these nutrient-dense foods are good for your health, but did you know? Green Tea is one of the greatest “super drinks” around….

green teaWhen I was first in graduate school (as a biochemist,) I studied natural products and their effects on DNA, DNA damage and repair. One of the classes of molecules I studied was called polyphenols–a group of plant chemicals. These polyphenols are thought to be responsible for the health benefits of tea, especially green tea.

Polyphenols have are free radical scavengers that protect cells from DNA damage (which could lead to cancer.) Tea polyphenols have also been shown to inhibit tumor cell proliferation and induce death of cancer cells. Green tea has the highest levels of these awesome polyphenols. So, drink up for your health! Hot, iced, with lemon or mixed with lemonade…any green tea drinkers out there?


3 thoughts on “Green Tea: a Super Drink for Your Health

  1. mostlyhealthyliving says:

    Green tea drinker over here! I love the idea of the potential health benefits and definitely benefit from the calming ritual of making a cup. In fact, your photo really makes me want to make a cup of it right now. Think I just might… 🙂

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