A Bikini Body

You’ve probably seen the meme floating around the internet of how to have a bikini body:

  1.  Buy a bikini
  2. Put it on your body

And finally, a major retailer gets it right with this ad image:


I love Target for showing the world that a bikini is for anyone. In fact, I even went to Target yesterday and bought my very own bikini–my first since I was a teenager. We are all on a journey. If you wait to jump in the pool with your kids once you’re at the “perfect” weight, fitness level, etc., you’re going to miss out on your life. Put the damn swimsuit on. Wear it proud. And have fun.


2 thoughts on “A Bikini Body

  1. Sassyfitnesschick says:

    I hate one piece suits. I hate the clammy cold fabric sticking to me. I hate not having a tanned tummy. I especially hate that a one piece makes me (personally) feel frumpy. I got the guts up to start wearing a 2 pc a couple years ago as my running and workouts were having a positive impact on my body. I love that I have muscles in my belly… even though my tummy has carried 3 pregnancies and I have my own stretch marks and some loose skin. I focus more on the improvements I’ve made. I had to laugh at an article the other day in regards to ages women shouldn’t wear bikinis anymore … 35-40 I think… anyway.. I turn 51 this Saturday and have a new one just waiting to be worn haha 😛 Great positive post!

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