Making Fitness Work for You

heroThree years ago I was an exhausted mom of two boys, one with significant needs. I was weary and broken, both mentally and physically.  I had just left my job as a professor and  I had a husband who worked two jobs and who wasn’t home much. My son with special needs had just arrived home from an orphanage in Hong Kong, China and his needs were overwhelming beyond what I was expecting. My days were long and sometimes felt unbearable. I wasn’t physically active or fueling my body correctly. I felt that I didn’t have time to take care of myself, and I felt the effects of not making my health a priority.

One morning I woke up and had an epiphany of sorts. I realized that to be the best mom that I could be, I needed to make my health a priority, no excuses. I didn’t want my kids to remember me being a stressed out, unhealthy, depressed mom who was unmotivated to live life to its fullest.

So I made some changes and I’ve never looked back. I began running–something I thought I hated–and completed my first 5K in mid 2012. By the end of 2012 I was hooked and  completed my first 8 mile trail run and a half-marathon. Running mountainsbecame an empowering experiment in mindfulness and pushing my limits.

2013 brought many challenges; a difficult pregnancy, a son in the psychiatric hospital and job changes. But still I was determined to beat my circumstances. In 2014, I completed my first triathlon and competed in many trail races, winning a first place spot for my age group for the first time ever. 2015 will hold my first solo mountaineering trip–a 14,000ft mountain climb in Colorado. I feel ready to conquer the mountain and myself.

So what does the future hold? Through my journey I’ve found my life’s purpose–to help inspire, uplift and empower other women to be the best versions of themselves. As a personal trainer, I want to help others live a life they love. It doesn’t matter what your life looks like–I can help you make fitness a part of it! In that spirit, I will be posting about two new ways you can join in online and change your life. Stay tuned this evening for some fun ways to reset your health!



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